Managed Services

Eliassen Group’s Managed Services provides clients with a team of specialized technology resources and comprehensive engagement management. Backed by our history of exceptional recruiting experience and proven consulting methods, we take pride in both providing and managing teams to improve client operations and reduce the expense to the client.

Managed Services offerings are completely scalable to cater to the client’s specific needs.
The Eliassen team is available to work directly at the client site to manage/co-manage existing projects or to further develop ongoing initiatives. We offer two major Managed Services delivery models pending the client’s preferences and requirements; one model is more client-controlled, while the other keeps the project more directly overseen by Eliassen.

Regardless of which model better suits your business needs, our Managed Services team offers the following:

Eliassen will devise and define a client-specific, solution-focused approach to the project in the early stages of the engagement that will be maintained throughout the engagement’s execution

Pending the client’s specifications, Eliassen may continue to provide a scalable level of management and oversight of the team, while the client always maintains control of the overall initiative

In providing the team to the client, Eliassen is specifically responsible for:


Planning and scheduling necessary for the resource on-boarding process


Management of the team’s communication, plan, and schedule


The regular measurement of weekly, monthly, and quarterly metrics to keep the team on task and to ensure efficient delivery