Eliassen Group Creative Services

We're a team of experts who are committed to producing an immersive user experience through the use of impactful digital design and effective marketing solutions.

Design-Oriented Thinking

We understand design-oriented thinking, the benefits of mobile-first design concepts, and marketing through technology.

Our devotion to finding creative solutions is what drives us to build engagement strategies that resonate with clients.

Our creative teams are not only talented in digital design, but also practiced in guiding a seamless implementation of cutting-edge marketing through technology.

Clients Operating in a Creative Industry

Our service is not limited to clients operating in a creative industry.

We have comprehensive experience working within heavily regulated industries such as biotech, fintech, as well as with various government agencies.

Most importantly, we succeed with the support of Eliassen Group’s extensive network and process that maintains over 30 years of success as well as the retention of a number of long-term clients.

Client Necessity and Consultant Ingenuity

We live at the intersection of client necessity and consultant ingenuity.

Headquartered in the Boston area, Eliassen Group Creative Services engages in the passion of “uniting talented people and quality solutions” by hiring innovative designers and marketers who have the perspective and skillset necessary to support client brands in an evolving business world.

Intentional Design

We believe in beautiful design created with intention.

Our creatives produce work that goes beyond an aesthetically pleasing object: they create an entire immersive experience that caters directly to clients needs and values.

Who do we represent?

The creative industry is currently exploding with innovation, and the implementation of new marketing methods is essential to stay competitive in a technology-focused landscape. We connect our clients with the forward-thinking creative professionals who understand and embody the ingenuity required to embrace and incorporate trends in technology and marketing in their design.

Our creative professionals are the best in the business of creative- tech-savvy, delivery-oriented, and most importantly, client-focused.

We represent creatives who specialize in the following solution areas:

Digital Delivery

  • Digital design and development
  • UX/UI design and engineering
  • Information architecture
  • Print, web, and mobile design
  • Mobile and web development
  • Game design and development
  • Web technology engineering and operations

Technology Marketing

  • Technology-focused marketing
  • Creative direction and leadership
  • Art direction
  • Account execution and coordination
  • eLearning
  • Content strategy, development and execution
  • Video production from concept to delivery

Looking to build solutions?

What we Bring to the Table

You live to develop the best creative solutions, continuously strive to understand what engages audiences, and create groundbreaking design. You’re have a knack for interpreting current design trends and also the ability to anticipate where design will go in the future in order in order to make decisions that promote a good business sense.

You’re looking for your next great opportunity to work as part of a fast-paced interdisciplinary team. We engage with the companies that have design at the center of their strategic decisions. New creative job opportunities surface daily, and we would love to get you involved!