Agile Advisory Services

Eliassen Group's Agile Advisory Services help organizations assess agile readiness, plan and staff for agile transformations, rigorously track "Agile Maturity," and launch pilot projects.

Agile Discovery Checkup

Agile Discovery and Checkup Services

Eliassen Group's Agile Practice is dedicated to helping our clients succeed with Agile so they can accelerate time to market, manage changing priorities, increase productivity, reduce risk, align business and development objectives, and improve team morale.

Where Are You In Your Agile Transformation?
Agile Maturity Matrix

Agile Maturity Matrix Tool

Eliassen Group’s unique Agile Maturity Matrix Tool is used in Agile Discovery Services and other consulting engagements to assess agile readiness, set agile transformation goals, monitor progress, and determine when agile processes have become sustainable. Individual teams, and the organization as a whole, can be rated based on a wide range of agile adoption indicators. After a baseline is established, managers and teams can use the tool to measure progress toward long-term agile transformations.

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Agile Business Value

Business Value Analysis Services

Our Business Value Analysis Service helps enterprises estimate the ROI of agile projects in terms of faster time to market, cost savings, and other measures. Clients gain a better understanding of the financial benefits of using agile steps, developing estimates supporting business justifications, obtaining data on feature cycle times, and learning how to construct Minimal Viable Increments (MVIs) that can be used to deliver value to customers sooner.

Agile Pilot Selection Services

Agile Pilot Selection Services

Agile Pilot Selection Services enables companies to choose the best projects and teams for initial and follow-on agile implementations. Balancing factors like the nature and complexity of the projects, the skills, experience levels and attitudes of the teams, and the support or resistance of related groups, the analysis allows organizations to pick projects most likely to generate “wins” for the agile initiative while minimizing risk to the goals of the organization.

Typical Agile Projects

Clients often engage Eliassen Group to:

  • Perform agile readiness assessments and gap analyses
  • Conduct business value analyses to identify high-ROI opportunities for agile projects
  • Measure and track agile maturity
  • Validate team and organizational structures
  • Select, start up, and evaluate pilot projects
  • Recommend and guide agile practice improvements (in user story and epic creation, backlog grooming, iteration planning, standup meetings, retrospectives, etc.)
  • Recommend and guide improvements in agile technical practices (agile testing, DevOps, continuous delivery, etc.)
  • Develop and measure agile performance and ROI metrics
  • Select and deploy enterprise agile frameworks (SAFe, Enterprise Agility Framework, etc.)
  • Select and tailor advanced agile management practices (flexible funding, agile portfolio management, incentives for agile projects, etc.)

"I sincerely appreciate Eliassen's continued support, never-give-up attitude, high professional ethics, perseverance, follow up and care."